Angelina's Mike Myers enjoying his remaining time in East Texas

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Believe it or not the Roadrunners 6'6" sophomore Mike Myers has only been playing the game of basketball for four years. Myers' quick learning skills left an impression on his head coach.

"The most interesting thing about Mike is that he started playing when he was a sophomore in high school," said Angelina head coach Todd Neighbors. "He grew to be about 6'5" and then started playing basketball, so he is just now learning the game, but he picked it up quickly."

Coach Neighbors admits even though Myers may be a young basketball mind Angelina depends on his scoring.

"He is a tremendous player for us and we kind of ride his coattails," said Neighbors. "When he plays well we have a chance to win every game."

Throughout the season many major D-1 programs have come all the way to Lufkin just to see Myers play. Myers says it makes him feel proud.

"I'm excited, it feels good to see big schools who play on TV and in big conferences come see me," said Myers. "I'm just proud of myself for working hard and accomplishing my goals."

Coach Neighbors says those scouts visiting to watch Myers helps the others in his program as well.

"We always tell the guys you never know who is in the stands because the guys who come in and look at Mike aren't just looking at Mike," said Coach Neighbors. "We tell them they are going to be taking notes on you to. So it's an opportunity for you to get exposure that you will need next year."

Even though Myers is far from home, he says he will miss East Texas when it is time to leave Angelina's campus.     

"I'm going to miss this atmosphere, I'm going to miss my coaches and I'm going to miss playing right here with the blue and orange," said Myers. "These two years I was just so proud of myself."

With just seven game left this season (four of those being at home), you can bet Myers will do his best to finish his Angelina College career strong.

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