Storm Hits Hard in Canton

The Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department redirected traffic for hours. That's because high winds and rain caused an 18-wheeler to overturn on I-20. Earlier this afternoon, straight-line winds wreaked havoc throughout the county and hit especially hard in Canton, with gusts blowing at 60-70 mph.

Richard Luhmburg's wife was the only person reportedly injured in Canton and luckily, she only suffered minor cuts on the head. The storm hit the couple while they were inside a church.

"I could talk, but I couldn't get up because I was on top, in between the cabinets on that side," Luhmburg said. "I happened to look down in front of me and saw this big butcher knife out there. You don't think I didn't start screaming."

The remnants of Daniel Fose's RV were seen scattered everywhere, and so were his neighbors' mobile homes.

"We were looking out the window," Fose said. "And you could see the change in the color of the wind. It started picking up. And the rain just started going horizontal. And then I seen the RV next to us lift up off the ground, literally exploded. Things just went crazy for about five minutes and then it was over."

Residents hit by the storm have their work cut out for them in the coming days.

A hotel in Canton is offering a discount rate of $30/night for anyone whose home was damaged. Luxury Suites is located at Hwy 19 and I-20. Their rooms normally go for $52/night.