Controversy brewing over who's to blame for stinky mess at NHS

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Unruly students may be the culprits, but it's an outsourced custodial company receiving some of the blame. The alleged unsanitary conditions were discovered on Monday in Nacogdoches High School restrooms. The Department of State Health Services got the call, which led to an inspection on Wednesday by the city health department.

"At 10a.m., shortly after we received the complaint, the health inspector then visited the high school and made a complete inspection, a sanitary inspection of the school," said Tommy Wheeler, the environmental health manager for the city. "He did find, there were two rest rooms at the facility that were out of toilet paper."

And that's the only violation cited. NISD's director of plant services, Chris Davis, is now dealing with the fall out.

"And I think this was actually turned into more of an incident than it actually was," Davis said.

Davis thinks he knows what led to the nasty discovery.

"Actually, I think it was more of a discipline issue at the high school," Davis said. "It was isolated."

All this comes in the midst of the school board answering complaints about an outsourced custodial service. A staffing turnover is partly blamed.

"We are still working through some issues, but I'm sure they're doing everything that they can do to honor this contract," Davis said. "No company would want to lose a contract."

While the custodial performance is monitored, so are the high school restrooms. The problems may not be related, but they're addressed much the same.

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