Little Miss Lufkin pageant is about more than winning a crown

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Glitter, toddlers and tiaras can only mean onething, a beauty pageant. 40 contestants from across Angelina County gathered atthe Pineywoods Community Academy in hopes of being crowned Little Miss Lufkin.

"I practice every day in theliving room for two hours," said competitor Brittney Goff.

11-year-old Brittney Goff says she'sgot what it takes to take home a prize.

"I want to show off my beauty and wina crown," said Goff.

Pageant director Kathryn Williams sayscrowns are great but it's about building self esteem.

"It's a fun process; everyonewins a trophy and builds a self confidence," said Williams.

Another 11-year-old competitor finds herconfidence on the stage and after competing in more than 10 pageants it is allabout being in the spotlight.

"I feel like I'm the center ofattention and I feel like everybody is watching me and its really fun," saidcompetitor, Rebekah Poret.

While many of her competitors paced nervously backstage this pageantdiva couldn't be more relaxed.

"It just feels natural to me,"said Poret.

Pageant parents often face criticismfor dressing up their daughters but Mary Poret loves her daughter's pageanttransformation.

"This is good experience for her. Theconfidence that it gives Rebekah when she's on stage, I like to see her holdher head up high and be proud of who she is," said Poret.

Williams has deep ties to the LittleMiss Lufkin Pageant and hopes it changes today's competitors the same way itchanged her.

"From personal experience in 1989 Iwas crowned Little Miss Lufkin myself, I believe it gave me self confidence andpoise and broke me out of my shell," said Williams.

As a reminder that everyone is awinner, all the participants took home a prize, win or lose.

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