Nacogdoches community honors African American heritage

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - This afternoon, members of the Nacogdoches communityrecognized black history month and celebrated African American heritage andculture.

"It's not just a black history program it's a program forour community," said Charlotte Stokes, President, Progressive Leadership Group

The 3rd annual program honored past African Americanleaders while educating people on various parts of the culture.

"Nacogdoches didn't knowenough about the roots of its African American history and it hadn't beenhighlighted enough this is a way for us to bring it to the fore front and forthe community to get together and promote a sense of unity," said HistoryProfessor Scott Sosebee.

Unity starts by learning the history and the program offeredits attendees a way to do it. The program included genealogy, Kwanzaa andquilting exhibits, and a skit depicting the struggles of slavery.

Event coordinator Charlotte Stokes says the past is ourroadmap to a better future.

"The future rests onthe shoulders of the past. We want them leaving here knowing there are a lot ofpeople in their lives prior to today and they to celebrate the lives of their ancestors,"said Stokes.

Nacogdoches Mayor Roger Van Horn agrees, when peopleunderstand each other it has a positive impact on the community.

"More time we spendtogether the more we find out about what we have in common and how we work togetherand the better our city is,"  Van Horn.

"Communities gettheir identity from awareness and from unity, if we're not together and we don'tknow about the past sometimes we don't know where to go," said Sosebee.

And they say if we don't learn from history we are doomed torepeat it.

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