The anatomy of a murder investigation

If you're subscribed to our breaking news alerts, you know that police began making arrests in a shooting death in Lufkin last week. The arrests continued today and will continue until they find the fifth and final suspect. At 10, Francesca Washington will tell you how police were able to put the pieces of this puzzle together to take five alleged killers off the street.

Investigators want to talk at least one more time with two girls who claim they were abducted in Central Heights yesterday afternoon. Sheriff Thomas Kerss says they've got a few more questions to ask the girls about the alleged incident. Donna McCollum visited Central Heights Elementary, where one of the girls attends school, to find out what proactive measures are in place to protect children at all times. That report is at 6.

In a special report at 5 and 10, Christel Phillips talks to local married couples to find out what the secret is to a long marriage.

It's flu season. At 6, Alexis Spears explains why you might want to get vaccinated.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor