Crime Spree Ends With Suicide

A Nacogdoches County man goes on an overnight crime spree that ends with his death. 33-year-old, Timothy Wayne Rushing, committed armed robbery, kidnapping, and running from the law before eventually shooting himself.

The former inmate of the Nacogdoches County Jail began his unexplained behavior around 11:30 last night at his father's house on County Road 388, in the vicinity of the Blackjack Community. There he stole a car and guns. He then fired shots into his father's house, went next door and robbed a relative of cash and credit cards. It was there that he kidnapped his former girlfriend, Lisa Lax and her 12-year-old daughter. Rushing later dropped the child off near the Pixey Community in the vicinity of farm to market roads 1878 and 2112.

Not through yet, Rushing next committed an armed robbery at Osburn Liquor on Highway 259, just north of Nacogdoches. Then he fled north on Highway 204 toward Jacksonville. When Cherokee County sheriff's deputies spotted Rushing in the vehicle, he left his girlfriend in the car and fled into the woods. Around ten this morning a gun shot echoed through the woods. Authorities said Rushing took his own life. Rushing's former girlfriend was taken to a Jacksonville hospital for observation.