Central Heights taking precaution after two girls claim they were abducted

CENTRAL HEIGHTS, TX (KTRE) - Forced into a truck at gunpoint, Two young girls say they were kidnapped before the man let them go a mile down the road.

Right now investigators want to talk with the two girls at least one more time.

Sheriff Thomas Kerss says they've got a few more questions for the 9 and 10-year-old.

The girls claim they were abducted in Central Heights yesterday afternoon.

Central Heights elementary Principal Jana Muckleroy strives for a sense of normalcy at school today.

One of the two girls claiming to have been abducted attends the elementary.

Teachers and counselors want to avoid alarm.

"We don't want a whole lot of information out that would scare the other students," said Muckleroy.

The alleged abduction was reported to have happened on Farm Road 698, less than a mile from the school.

Gates leading off the roadway to the middle school and high school are normally open, but remained locked today.  

"It's scary. I mean, anytime, you think this is a small community and those things just don't happen here," said Muckleroy.

Authorities responded to one address.

A long driveway , where the children say they were playing, leads to three mobile homes.

Some in the community are puzzled why the girls would be so far away from the home, but so close to the road.

Authorities were told a man forced the girls, kicking and screaming into his car, drove a short distance, let them out and then drove off.

While the investigation continues, the school teaches Stranger Danger.

"And for the most part, most of them have already seen it, but it doesn't hurt to take a little extra precaution, especially in light of what's happened yesterday," said Muckleroy.

Over the summer, the school installed fencing and a controlled gate.
"On the outside it's locked, so they can not come in period during the school day," said Muckleroy.

There's one entrance and exit, requiring each visitor to check in at the front office.

School officials know, these days, you can never be too careful.

Sheriff Kerss said this afternoon no arrests have been made.

He said updates to the investigation will be released after the girls are interviewed again.

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