Blood Shortage in East Texas

Linda Warner is the donor recruiter at the Blood Center East Texas. Today, she worked the parking lot of Wal-Mart in Nacogdoches to fill empty shelves with blood. Julia Saunders was recruited. Her blood donation will now save up to three lives.

"The community is in bad need of it now because of all the stuff that's going on, and I just believe that everybody needs to donate, it's just a worthwhile thing," said Julia Saunders, a blood donor.

Blood banks around East Texas are having hard times finding donors like Saunders. Blood levels are at an all time low. If it were not for support from the Houston area blood banks, there would be a crisis situation.

"A lot of people will tell me I'll come up and donate when one of my family members needs it, but that's not the way it works. The blood that saves lives, is the blood that's on the shelf today," said Warner.

The Blood Center East Texas must draw at least 200 units of blood every week in order to meet the needs of hospitals in East Texas, and that isn't always an easy goal to meet, but Saunders says she's glad she had the chance to help.

"It's just easy, it's just real easy. There's nothing to it. It's no more than when you get your blood tested in the hospital, and I enjoyed it," said Saunders.