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Gift of Love: Jacob and Joseph

It didn't take a lot of convincing by 7-year-old Jacob to join him and his brother Joseph for the obstacle course during an afternoon at Jumpin Jacks.

Jacob is currently in kindergarten, and loves school. He is very playful and smart. And he loves to create things.

"Make a picture in art," Jacob said.

Jacob loves to draw! Especially things like, "person, airplanes and rockets," Jacob said.

As for his future, super hero tops his list.


"That's a good one. Why do you want to be batman?" I asked.

"Because I like Batman. I've got two Batmans," Jacob said.

Jacob also likes hot wheels, trucks. Legos and, to "ride my bike. I have a huge one," Jacob said.

"Tell me about your favorite things. What to do you love to do?" I asked Jacob.

"Eat!" Jacob said enthusiastically.

"What is your favorite thing to eat?" I asked.

"candy and peanut butter and jelly!" Jacob said.

What kid or adult for that matter doesn't love candy and a good old fashioned P, B & J! 

Jacob is also very affectionate.  He give hugs to everyone he knows, and he says "I love you" to his brother, 5-year-old Joseph.

Joseph's favorite thing is climbing and sliding at Jumpin Jacks.

"About a year ago he was diagnosed with autism," Intensive Adoption Coordinator Ashley Gipson said.

Joseph has a difficult time speaking and is now able to use some words.  He is also able to recite his numbers with assistance; this is another great milestone for Joseph. Joseph continues to have to be watch closely due biting and or hitting.  

"He's currently working with services now with his behavior modifications. So, we will continue to work with those same services with his forever family," Gipson said.

Joseph loves to play and likes to move from one activity to another.

"He loves playing with trucks, he likes to play by himself. He's more of a loner type," Gipson said.
Although Jacob is older, he still needs a lot of one on one attention to help him through his emotional struggles and he deserves a family who will be able to focus not only on his younger sibling but also on him.  

"A two parent home would probably best for both of these boys and the reason is for attention. Both of these boys need equal amount of    attention and with a single parent home that could be hard," Gipson said.

A family for these brothers would need to be very patient and structured.  

More than anything, these boys want a family that can show them the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Jacob and Joseph call our Gift of Love Hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.


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