ETX couple married 63 years shares secrets to lasting love

KENNARD, TX (KTRE) - It wasn't love at first sight for Betty and LaRue Milsap.

"I was laying on the couch and he came in to pick up my sister to go to the school dance," Betty jokingly said.

But, LaRue remembers the day just like it was yesterday. "When I first met her she was sitting on the couch and she had on a white dress with blue flowers in it," LaRue adds.

Now, after 63 years of marriage it's obvious, these two were meant to be.

The Kennard couple says life together has taken them on an incredible journey, but their love for God has kept their love for each other.

"It was really something special after we had been married about 10 years, we both made our profession at the same time and became Christians and that's been the highlight from there on. We raised all of children in church…and still yet church is the main thing in our life," said Betty.

Over the past 6 decades married life has taught the couple a great deal. "When he's really sick or something, I realize how much I love him. Other times I wonder if I really do," Betty says laughingly.

Sitting on the couch in the living room of their Kennard home, I asked the couple have they ever considered divorce, LaRue said, "No, but we thought about suicide and murder!" Of course, LaRue was joking.

Mr. and Mrs. Milsap say they've learned how to disagree... "Sometimes you can't make an agreement. You just have to forget it and go on," adds Betty.

They also know honesty outweighs any lie. Betty said, "I think the truth is very important in any kind of a marriage."

Then, there's the lesson about compromise. "We have an agreement where she don't ask me how I make it, I don't suppose to ask her how she spends it," LaRue explains with a big smile on his face.

The Milsaps know a sense of humor will get you through the toughest of times… "I thought she had a mask on, I told her when we got married to take her mask off, she said I ain't wearing one," another joke LaRue says while laughing with his wife.

That little joke has helped him remember his Halloween Eve wedding anniversary. It was 1948 when the two got married at a filling station when LaRue was working for the railroad in Houston.

The humorous couple says it's also the day they made an unwavering commitment to one another. "We still love each other," LaRue says, "which I guess means the whole life is romance."

With everything life and marriage has thrown at them they never let it divide their union, and 63 years later they know some things will slip their mind like, their exact number of grandchildren or great grandchildren.

They know one thing is certain that Betty proclaims, "Nothing but death will stop our marriage."

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