"Prevent Blindness Texas" to Give Free Eye Screenings

Juanita Ward travels throughout 30 East Texas counties screening the eyesight of young and old. She helps "Prevent Blindness Texas" teach people that you should start taking care of your eyes at six months of age.

"And you should follow up all through school even into adult, and into senior years for the simple reason...your eyes change," said Ward.

Ward will do free eye screenings for schools, churches, companies and organizations, large or small. Everyone can find out if they have a vision problem. Ward can also arrange free glasses and surgeries for low income individuals.

"This is something that will help them with all the cuts. In Congress there is no funds for eyeglasses, but Prevent Blindness, we step in and help out," said Ward.

On several occasions the results of Ward's vision screenings have provided red flags to more serious problems like brain tumors. She's rewarded knowing that Prevent Blindness can help in so many ways.