Affidavit: Shelby Co. constable admits ordering bugging


Associated Press

DALLAS - A search warrant affidavit says a Texas constable admitted to the FBI that he had the offices of other officials secretly bugged after they were accused of illegally forcing motorists to forfeit cash.

The federal affidavit quotes Shelby County Constable Fred Walker as saying he authorized the installation of hidden surveillance cameras and digital recorders. The document also includes a statement from a witness who claims Walker sold drugs seized from suspects.

An attorney for Walker, who hasn't been charged, says the constable never told the FBI that he authorized installation of listening devices and never sold drugs.

Walker, at the time of the alleged bugging, was city marshal in Tenaha.

Seizures of cash from motorists stopped in Tenaha, in East Texas, have led to lawsuits and a criminal investigation.

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