Restaurant Report - Angelina - 2/16/12

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Downtown Café @ 113 N. First St.: 19 demerits for improper temperatures, employees need to clean under equipment, clean can opener, label bulk food containers, repair leak at hand sink, clean inside beer cooler, toxic items are being stored by single service items, thermometers are needed in all coolers and freezers, lids are needed on trash cans in women's restroom.

Fuller's Buffet & Catering @ 1124 S. First St.: 7 demerits for bulk food items need labels, date marking and labels needed on prepared food in cooler, wall behind hand sink needs to  be repaired and wall in utility closet needs to be repaired, ice scoop needs to be stored properly, can opener needs to be cleaned.

Angelina County Senior Citizen's Center @ 2801 Valley: 7 demerits for a wall in the restroom needs to be repaired, employees need to clean under the stove, flour needs to be stored in food grade container, remove wooden rolling pin.

Friends of the Ellen Trout Zoo @ 402 Zoo Circle: 0 demerits