2nd round of potential jurors called for interviews in capital murder case

Kimberly Saenz mug shot, courtesy of Angelina County Jail
Kimberly Saenz mug shot, courtesy of Angelina County Jail

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A new group of potential jurors reports to the Angelina County courthouse, nearly a week after being summoned. Calling two rounds of potentials isn't the standard for capital murder cases. But the stakes are higher in this trial.

Kim Saenz is charged with capital murder for allegedly killing 5 Lufkin Davita Dialysis patients and critically injuring 5 others during her employment at the clinic. If convicted, Saenz could face the death penalty.

"The most minute of errors as it would apply to your normal case is magnified in a capital case. A lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of effort goes into a capital jury trial. And, their fear is if it has to get retried, they've wasted the whole effort of the first trial," said Angelina County Attorney Bill Agnew.

So far, 8 jurors have been seated. It's still not clear whether Judge Barry Bryan will seat two or four alternates in the case. Although he has the final decision, we're told the attorneys' will be consulted.

"Both the defense attorney and the prosecutor have input in how many alternates they select," said Agnew.

Before the trial can begin in the next three weeks, several decisions are yet to be made about the jury.

"The judge and all the attorneys are just wanting to make sure that what jury they get is going to be a fair jury so they don't have to redo the process," said Agnew.

Individual interviews will continue until the entire 12-person panel is seated.

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