Nacogdoches man gets probation for meth possession

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A Nacogdoches man has pleaded guilty to possession of meth at his home, accepting a five-year probation sentence.

Marc Alan Hanna, 55, pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of a controlled substance. His wife, Glenda Delane Hanna, 49, who is also charged with the crime will most likely be going to trial in the case.

Nacogdoches County deputies arrested both in July after a months-long investigation into drug activity at their home. They were charged with a first-degree offense because of the proximity of their home to two schools and because deputies uncovered 60 grams of meth during the bust.

Judge Ed Klein denied a lower bond for Glenda Hanna on Friday.

"She has prior convictions and in addition to just having prior convictions one of those convictions is actually for bail jumping and failure to appear, which in my mind makes her a flight risk," said special prosecutor Stephanie Stephens.

Marc Hanna could have all the charges removed from his record if he successfully completes the terms of his probation.

"But he will do what ever he needs to do to be on probation," said his attorney, John Boundy. "I think the judge took into consideration that the prosecutor talked with the investigating officer. They took into the account he didn't have nay prior criminal history."

Different story for Glenda Hanna. She showed disgust when the prosecutor told the judge she'll ask the grand jury for a reindictment. Investigators say Hanna was using a home jewelry business as a front for selling meth.

"Well, I plan on asking a grand jury to indict, to re-indict the case as possession with the intent to deliver, instead of possession of a controlled substance," Stephens said. "Which will increase the range of punishment in this case."

Still in the effort to get out of jail, Hanna's attorney made an unsuccessful attempt to have Hanna's $200,000 bond lowered. A jail nurse testified Hanna is scheduled for a second breast biopsy, following the discovery of a benign tumor. Hanna's history of cancer was acknowledged, but so were the county's provisions for medical care.

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