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Historic Beckville home destroyed in fire


Fire destroys an east Texas landmark and authorities want to know if it could be an act of arson. It happened last night in Beckville as flames ripped through an historic old home in the one-hundred block of south Washington street. It had seen over a 100 years pass, the turn of two centuries, and had become a landmark in Beckville. But today residents saw nothing but ashes and charred wood.

"We got the call last night around 10:30 and the house was totally engulfed when we got to it, and we started putting water on the house and knocked the flames down as best we could," says Beckville volunteer fire department chief Robert Fite.

The 2-story 5-bedroom home was gone within minutes in blazing inferno, and with no power to the building, investigators have called it suspicious.

"No power, no electrical in the building at all," Fite adds.

It was known as the 'Broome' house , or to locals the 'big house' on the corner. Records indicate the construction of the home may have begun around the 1880's.

"We had a lot of memories a lot of good memories we used to have Christmas with family, I still called it our house," says Alicia Postell.

The big house had become a fixture , a landmark in Beckville, and everyone knew the location of 164 south Washington street.

"I didn't want to believe it at first , I did a lot of crying, its a sad thing," Postell says.

"I just saw the smoke and the fire department down there and I said oh I hope that's not the big house," says former house resident Anita Moore.

"Its tragic for everyone who lives here. You can't replace it," Fite says.

The Beckville fire chief is asking anyone with information to please come forward.


A Friday night fire destroyed a home in the 100 block of South Washington St in Beckville.

The home which was over 100 years old caught fire around 11pm Friday night. Beckville fire officials arrived within minutes to see the two story, five bedroom home engulfed in flames.

The home was under renovation and had no power to the building. The Beckville Fire Chief says it is being called suspicious in nature, and anyone who may have seen any activity around the home last night is asked to come forward.

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