Primary Preps Underway

East Texans will begin heading to the polls for our state primary Tuesday. The Secretary of State's Office expects about 1.7 million voters to cast ballots.

Local election administrators are working down to the wire to make sure things go smoothly when you vote.

Following a weekend of election school and Monday's final test of the counting machine, Election Administrator Debra Gaston is ready for the votes to begin. Gaston is ready, even though she's not expecting it to be her busiest primary election. "A lot of phone calls we've had say, 'I'm just going to wait until November. I just wanted to make sure I had my voter card and everything is in place, but I'm not planning to vote tomorrow," said Gaston after testing the counting machine.

If you do plan to come to the polls, come prepared. Bring your voter card. "If not that some form of ID because the law has changed and is now requiring if no certificate some form of ID," advised Gaston.

The county's web site will provide answers to questions about polling places and voting times. As the returns come in the results will be posted on the site by data processor, Anna DeVall. "The election results will be posted on our homepage. ( ) As soon as the results come off the machine then we will be sitting down keying those in and updating the sites."

Links to the state and presidential returns will also be provided to help the responsible voter become an informed voter.