Huntington basketball is back in the playoffs after 25 years

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - The Huntington Red Devils basketball team has been in a bit of a playoff drought. The Devils haven't made it since 1987, that's 25 years since the last playoff appearance. So breaking the streak by heading into a bi-district match up Tuesday night is huge for the seniors on this team.

"It just feels great being the first team after a long period of time to make it to the playoffs," said senior Zabo Houston. "It's just a great experience for all of us."

Playoff T-shirts were finally printed for the hoops team again, so of course they were quickly passed around town and the school.

"The best thing is probably having a shirt, because we finally get our names on a shirt," said senior Blake Loggins. "We get to wear it around and get to see everyone in school wearing our shirt, so it is pretty cool."

First year head coach Duane Choate admits he has had a more relaxed feel to how he coaches these players than in the past. That new change of attitude seems to have had a large impact on this team.

"The difference between this team and the last couple of years is I think we took it too serious," said senior Mo Houston. "Now we are just having fun, being silly and letting it all go."

Coach Choate also explained that the fans have been great so far this season. The Red Devils rarely play in front of less than a sold out crowd and coach says that makes a huge difference.

"The fans have been great, what people don't realize is that it effects the outcome of the game,"said Choate. "Kids like to play in packed gyms, so it has been very exciting to give the fans something back for their support all this time."

The Red Devils will face Athens in Jacksonville Tuesday night. Check back to for scoring updates.

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