Dual language duo supports Nac ISD’s decision to add magnet program

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Two brothers growing up in Brownsville probably would have never guessed as adults they would together become the state's leaders in dual language education.

Doctors Leo and Richard Gomez visited Nacogdoches to talk to parents about the dual language program they wrote.  On Tuesday they met with N-I-S-D administrators who will oversee the enrichment model next year in several kindergarten and first grade classrooms.  The model is also used by Lufkin, Jacksonville, and Pine Tree I-S-D's and hundreds of others.

"This has been our area of expertise now for 17 years. We have close to 600 schools around the state using our model. It includes a lot of the area districts to Nacogdoches.  And in all the years we worked in this area we never lost a patent yet. They've always been successful," said Dr. Richard Gomez, Dual Language co-author.

"In the end, what we essentially have is a strong bilingual program with the goal of bi-literacy, but using all the best practices that we know work for all children in all their need settings," said Dr. Leo Gomez, Dual Language co-author.

The Gomez brothers' research shows that learning a second language at an early age positively affects intellectual growth.  February 24th is the deadline to apply for next year's N-I-S-D magnet programs which include technology, fine arts, and dual language.

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