Nacogdoches city leaders evaluate the need to replace or renovate existing wells

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Some existing water wells in Nacogdoches that were hit hard by this summer severe drought are now in desperate need of repair.

In trying to decide which ones should be renovated, city officials discovered the work is more involved than they first expected.  "We're in the process right now working with some well drillers to scrub those wells and take a better look at them with television cameras to see what we can do with those wells and whether we can utilize 'em or not, or whether they're economic viable," said Steve Bartlett, Nacogdoches City Engineer.

The good news is recent rains have brought Lake Nacogdoches up by 1.4 inches, however, the lake is still 9.5 feet below pool, compared to in December when it was 12 feet below pool.

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