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FDA, Tyler PD investigating back room salon injections

Carmel Foster (Mug Shot from Previous Arrest). Photo Source: Smith County Jail Carmel Foster (Mug Shot from Previous Arrest). Photo Source: Smith County Jail

As of Thursday morning, Tyler Police are still looking for 39-year-old Carmel Mitchelle Foster, the woman they say is responsible for giving East Texas women illegal breast enhancement injections.

Police say the FDA is now assisting investigators in an attempt to determine what substance Foster allegedly injected into women's breasts and buttocks.

Police say no one else has officially come forward saying they've had the injections done.

"We are aware that four other people have said they have had it done by Foster," says Tyler Police PIO Don Martin, however Martin says Tyler Police have not been able to contact those people and those reports are not yet official.

Officials say earlier this week during a search of Queen Diva's Salon, they found enough evidence to continue investigating Foster.

According to police, 26-year-old Sheena Bradford received breast enhancement injections in the back room of Queen Divas Salon.

Sheena's friend Devora Templeton says Sheena didn't know the injections would make her sick.

"This lady told me that she put saline solution in her breasts--saline water... Saline water is not going to harden your breasts like that, and it looks like she has been beaten in her breasts-- they're purple, they're bruised bad and swollen. And saline water is not going to cause you to have all of these health problems," said Templeton.

Templeton also says Sheena was under the impression that the woman administering the injections was licensed and a former employee at a doctor's office.

Now, Templeton says Sheena is fighting for her life, as doctor and police try to determine what fluid was injected into Sheena's body.

Tyler Police are encouraging anyone who has had a medical procedure performed on them by Foster, and wishes to file charges, to contact Detective Andy Erbaugh at the Tyler Police Department.

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