Broaddus 'Players in Progress' to perform at Baylor Bears halftime

Broaddus Players in Progress, coached by Tammye Cook, are being honored in just their first year as a team. The group has performed at many games this year showing off some great ball handling skills that they have learned and ten have been selected as all-stars.

These all-stars will be performing Saturday February 25th, at the Baylor Bears men's basketball game.

They are: Alec Mixon, Alden Brittain, Taylor McGown, Blaine Quinney, Kacy Adkins, Makaylea Daughtery, Brianna Dubois, *Triston Dixon, Mason Brittain and Willa Gregston.

*Triston Dixon was also chose as a select performer for the NCAA Final Four in New Orleans. Others pictured will also perform at a San Antonio Spurs game next month.