Central Heights ISD hosts career fair for juniors and seniors preparing to go to college

CENTRAL HEIGHTS, TX (KTRE) - Now is the time for Nacogdoches County juniors and seniors to seriously think about their future.

Tonight they got a little guidance on the overwhelming decisions at a career fair designed for students at rural schools.

Teens  have been asked, What do you want to be when you grow up?, from the age they began talking.

For over 400 high school juniors and seniors, the question is now requiring a serious response.

"I have signed for the Navy. After doing my four years in the Navy, I plan to go to ETBU where I will gain a Master's degree in Theology and a minor in education," said Chireno senior Taylor Reeves.

The young men may change their career paths more than once.

The options are unlimited as illustrated by today's career fair.  

"If students in high school make plans they really wouldn't be wasting their college years or their future," said Career Fair coordinator Martha Labbit.

About 30 employers and each participating school district share a goal to develop a well-trained labor force for the community.

"To give them at least some basis of maybe deciding what they want to do," said employer Ron Collins.

As hard as employers may try to keep students local, the majority will move on.

Some have already decided opportunity comes by being in a larger city.

"I think it's more, shown me, that I really want to get out to a bigger city with more opportunity because here you're kinda limited," said Central Heights senior Brenda Foster.

These teens may learn in small schools, with graduating classes less than 75, but the schools high academic ratings and standards properly prepare students to go anywhere in life they so choose.

Right now many of those graduating seniors are at the Noble Banquet on the Stephen F. Austin campus.

Seniors who completed advanced high school curriculum are now eligible for Noble scholarships.

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