Biker Sunday raises awareness about safety on the road

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Warriors for Christ greeted the members ofClawson Assembly of God as they headed in for morning service.

"Maybe something like this willgive us extra protection, extra help, some supernatural help," said KevinPoage, Senior Pastor, Clawson Assembly of God.

The Warriors for Christ is thechurch's motorcycle ministry.

They hope their service on "BikerSunday" will raise awareness about safety on the road.

"Because of all the recentaccidents we thought that if we could bring them under one roof and they couldplace the patch with a face when their out riding in the community they'llremember that person," said Shelia Babb, Warriors for Christ member.

The Warriors invited motorcycle groups fromacross East Texas to "Biker Sunday." One group came all the way from Houston totake part in a service that began in style. It continued with Senior Pastor,Kevin Poage sending words of caution to his congregation whose drivingskills  can put bikers at risk.

"A lot of times the danger is not in the riderbut people who are unfamiliar with motorcycles, they're not as big as a car sothey're not watching as close," said Poage.

Every accident touches everyone in themotorcycle family.

"We just have such a closerelationship with one another so when one gets injured it effects all of us,"said Babb.

They also wanted to merge members ofcommunity with the motorcycle community. Hoping new relationships will helpthem find common ground.

"We're people in your community,your nurses, your doctors, your law enforcement, just people in the community thathave a love for motorcycles," said Babb.

This "Biker Sunday" was a first forthe Warriors for Christ, but it won't be a last.

The Warriors plan on working withother churches with motorcycle ministries, to host biker Sunday monthly atdifferent churches.

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