Rain plays a major role in the management of damaged roads

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Recent rains havewashed out roads across East Texas and county commissioners are at their witsend as they try to out-guess mother nature in an effort to get these roadsrepaired.

"Constantlyadjusting, redirecting, its not today were going to do something different butour next project will be shifted," said Scott Cooper, Commission Precinct 4,Angelina County.

Precinct 4Commissioner Scott Cooper says the time frame in which they have to makerepairs and keep up maintenance is small.

"Our window of opportunity to do most ofour roadwork is like a day to three, between our rain cycles," said Cooper.

Its a race againstthe weather to get the roads cut, filled and compacted before the rain comesand turns it into mud.

Burke area resident Marty Harris has lived inthe same house for 10 years and is ready for a change.

"I've had thesame vehicle for 10 years and I refuse to buy a new one because I don't want totear it up. All of the top soil is going, and there is nothing left there butdown to just rock and mud and there is nothing left to mold into road anymore,"said Harris.

Road conditions varyacross the county depending on the amount of rainfall.

"It is where theheavy water falls the fastest, if we get one to two inches of rain really hardin one area that can mess up those roads pretty bad," said Cooper."

Cooper says rockbased roads and dirt roads are in the worst condition.

"Got to get on some thingsfast, to keep them from getting bigger," said Cooper.

Despite the delay inroadwork, its not costing tax payers extra money only road workers more time.

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