Warren Junior High student brings gun to school

Sheriff David Hennigan
Sheriff David Hennigan
Superintendent Lance Johnson
Superintendent Lance Johnson

WARREN, TX (KTRE) - Nobody was injured after a junior high student in Warren brought a gun to school.

According to Superintendent Lance Johnson, district personnel learned the student had the gun and "acted immediately to resolve the incident."

The student was removed from the campus and taken into custody by the Tyler County Sheriff's Office.

Johnson stated that personnel acted in accordance with policy to ensure the safety of students and staff.

"The quick actions of the students, staff, and administration helped resolve this incident and prevented it from escalating," Johnson stated.

Johnson said in an interview Tuesday that the student was showing the 25-caliber semi-automatic gun to classmates during lunch. Classmates reported to two teachers in the cafeteria, who immediately approached the student and took the gun and took the student to the principal's office.

"The student did show it to another student and was bragging about having the device, the firearm, and there were some threats made," Johnson said.

"They de-escalated the situation by securing the child, securing the weapon," Sheriff David Hennigan said.

Few details about the student suspect are being released at this point.

Neither the school nor investigators would share information about his age, grade, or homelife.

The boy's intentions are also a mystery.

"No child should be bringing a weapon here," Hennigan said. "And, we'd hope that the parents would help enforce that particular rule."

Officials are quick to praise the students and teachers who reacted. Had they not, the situation may have escalated.

"We encourage our students to talk to their teachers," Johnson said. "And, we encourage our teachers to build relationships with those students so they feel comfortable with them talking about those situations."

The boy was held in the principal's office until Tyler County authorities took him into custody.

Until the investigation is over, he's being held in the Hardin County Juvenile Detention Facility.

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