DA's office asked to investigate Shelby Co. constable for criminal activity

Constable Fred Walker
Constable Fred Walker

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - Shelby County Constable Fred Walker's quotes to FBI of authorizing bugging equipment in Tenaha city offices is something County Judge Rick Campbell and commissioners just can't ignore.

"It being an FBI report, obviously, got our attention," Campbell said. "Why would an FBI agent write all this down if it wasn't true?"

But just to make sure, Shelby County has ordered its district attorney to conduct an investigation.

"If Fred Walker is guilty of that then whatever removal process that those law books up there, and there's lots of laws in those books, whatever process and I'm sure there's a process we'll start it if that's found," Campbell said.

Campbell says if there's any corruption in Shelby County he wants it to go away. That's why he supports all investigations into any wrongdoing.

An attorney for Walker, who hasn't been charged, reportedly says the constable never told the FBI that he authorized the bugging nor sold drugs as claimed by a witness now serving time in federal prison.

"How many times have innocent people been slandered?" Campbell said. "That's what I worry about. I like Fred Walker. I want him to be innocent."

On the telephone, Walker promptly said, "Sorry, can't make any comments," and then hung up.

Meanwhile, the county continues to pay his salary and support his office to the tune of $33,000 a year. All taxpayer dollars.

Interim District Attorney Kenneth Florence is preparing a press release in response to the county commissioners' request.

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