'Christmas in February' for 6 Angelina County charities thanks to Brookshire Bros.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Tuesday was 'Christmas in February' for six East Texas service organizations.

Brookshire Brothers grocery chain handed out checks totaling $65,000 as a celebration of family and community.  "These organizations make things happen in the communities we serve.  They enhance the quality of life for so many people from so many walks of life.  Brookshire Brothers is proud to partner with them," said Emily Watts, Director of Business Development.

"We are very honored to be selected as the recipient of this money we continue to provide services in the community for not only patients with Alzheimer's, but also family care and support.  We do use it for public awareness.  We also use it for community education programs, as well as, staff trainings, so, we look forward to putting it to use," said Mandy Hughes, Alzheimer's Association of Houston and Southeast Texas.

"Brookshire Bros has been a community partner with Boys and Girls Club for 19 years ever since the Boys and Girls clubs first established.  We always look at Brookshire Bros as a main community partner of ours and providing services to five thousand youth that we serve in several different counties and we've always had representation on our advisory committees also in the communities and we realize that the kids we serve may someday be working at the Brookshire Brothers stores," said Jeff Woods Pres/CEO Boys and Girls Club of Deep East Texas.

Most community service groups operate on a shoestring budget.  The only way they thrive is by the kindness of local residents and local businesses. Such donations, like the awards made Tuesday by Brookshire Brothers in Lufkin, are often seen as a financial lifeline.

"It goes to our general operating expenses which we struggle every year raising.  With today's tough economic times, it's more difficult each year to raise dollars and our services are needed more than ever today because people can't afford the cost of daycares, so, we're serving more and more kids after school and during the summertime," said Woods.

Along with the Boys and Girls Club and Alzheimer's Association, donations were also made to the Friends of Ellen Trout Zoo, the Volunteer Services Council of Lufkin State Supported Living Center.

"With the money we plan to just continue providing the services to the physically and sexually abused children of Angelina County," said Debbie Brown, East Texas Alliance for Children.

"It's an honor and we really appreciate everything that Brookshires does to support the State Supported Learning Center.  We have a family house and we use these funds to help support our family house.  In fact, we call it the Brookshire Bros Family House, so, when loved ones come to visit the individuals that live at the facility they can stay in a home right there on campus have their loved one over spend the night with them in this house and it really gives them a nice environment to have a nice visit in," said Gayle Watson, Lufkin State Supported Learning Center.

"The funds raised to support these organizations come from the company's two charity golf tournaments held in the Spring and Fall each year.  The company invites its vendors and buyers to town to play golf in its Charity Golf Tournament.  Representatives from companies like Frito Lay, Coca Cola, Clorox, and every other brand found on a grocery store hit the links twice a year," according to Watts.

"Our buyers love this tournament.  Not only do they get to play one of the top courses in the state, they get to network with colleagues in the grocery business, and raise money for deserving organizations like the Ellen Trout Zoo and the State Supported Living Center," said Billy Miller, tournament co-chair.

Brookshire Brothers Charitable Foundation has a legacy of giving that has reached over a million dollars over the past 12 years.  They call it, 'Gifts that keep on giving.'

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