East Texas woman celebrates 8th Leap Year birthday

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Meet Kim Ogden. She joins the handful of those born on Leap Day,  or February 29th.

But rather than being born in April as her mother was anticipating., Kim made her grand entrance on perhaps the most uncommon of birthdays.

That doesn't matter, though. The 32-year-old hospital recruiter says her birthday is perfect for her.

It wasn't until 1992 at age 12, or 3 in Leap Year, that Kim met others who shared her birthday.

She was featured in a newspaper article about Leap Day babies.

"They had this little party for us, it was cute, it was outside at a park and it was myself and another woman and they had a little birthday for us, and it was just a way to meet another Leap Day Baby, and say hi. It was cool.," said Kim.

Kim normally celebrates her birthday at the end of February or early March.

And you can bet she gets asked about how she celebrates quite often.

"They always ask, 'Well, when do you celebrate your birthday?' And I'm like, 'Whenever I feel like it, you know," she said.

She says it wasn't until her mid 20's before she realized how unique her birthday was.

This wife and mother says this year, however, she's having a sky-high celebration.

"This year, my special plans, seeing as how it's the first Leap Year in my 30's, my husband and I are gonna go skydiving. We figured we'd do something real big because I'm finally getting a birthday," said Kim.

Kim says her parents were always creative: Planning themed-birthday parties for her. Everything from Mardi Gras to Jimmy Buffet.

She always looks forward to the year where her birthday appears on the calendar.

"The fact that I actually see my birthday on a calendar - I love it! I love, love on a leap year, opening up February and seeing the 29th on there," said Kim.

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