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Gift of Love: Shaynia and Johnathan

Fish, birds and puppy dogs.  It was a kids dream as Shaynia, Johnathan and I made our way through Petland looking at all the different types of animals. 8-year-old Shaynia loves animals.

"Puppies and cats," Shaynia said.

But that's not all, "Elephants and penguins and crabs," Shaynia said.

And she hopes to work with elephants one day.  So it should be no surprise that her favorite food is...

"Peanuts!" Shaynia said.

Shaynia is a sweet and loving little girl with a friendly demeanor.  

Like most girls her age, Shaynia's favorite colors are, "purple, pink, green and yellow," Shaynia said.

This second grader loves to play outside and go to school.
"Doing my work, doing my homework and playing at school," Shaynia said.

Shaynia is very talkative.  She likes to explore all of her surroundings, and is not afraid to ask questions.  Shaynia has been diagnosed as developmentally delayed and has been referred to a developmental specialist.  She receives speech therapy through school. 

Shaynia gets along really well with her older brother, 10-year-old Johnathan.
"He likes to run. He likes to play. He likes building blocks, little toys and things like that. He loves to build things," CPS worker LaTanya Greenhouse said.

Johnathan can be calm and gentle at times.  When Johnathan can't have his way, he can throw temper tantrums.  Johnathan is autistic.     

"He is able to sign language some things. He can recognize boy, girl, hot, cold, love you, hi, bye. things like that," Greenhouse said.
Johnathan will need help in basic daily living skills.  For example, he will need a family that can help him get dressed.  Johnathan also requires prompting and supervision. 
"Johnathan receives speech therapy and physical therapy as well. As far as his physical therapy, Johnathan was not able to climb steps, take steps or kick a ball or things of that nature. He receives that weekly and is doing very well," Greenhouse said.

Both of these children have so much to offer a family.  Together they hope to find their forever family that will show them the Gift of Love.  
If you'd like to know more about Shaynia and Johnathan call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.


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