Restaurant Report - Angelina - 3/1/12

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Walmart Deli @ 2500 Daniel McCall: 12 demerits for improper temperatures, expired food on shelves, protective light shield needed above deep fryer, clean under equipment, remove standing water under prep table, paper towels needed at hand sink.

Diboll Depot Grocery/ Deli @ 1605 N. Temple: 12 demerits for improper temperatures, nozzles on cappuccino machine need cleaned, expired food items on shelves, toxic items stored with single service items.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt @ 4504 S. Medford Ste. 307: 10 demerits for under shelves need to be cleaned, toxic items being stored by single service items, bottles need labels, clean and sanitize ice machine.

T-N-T Fish Market @ 212 Durant Rd.: 10 demerits for a leak at sink, selling yard eggs, and sanitizer test strips needed.

Brookshire Brothers Meat Market @ 1807 W. Frank: 8 demerits for improper thawing and some damaged knives need to be removed.

Brookshire Brothers Deli @ 1807 W. Frank: 7 demerits for employees need to clean under equipment, clean floor of walk in cooler, clean can opener, need scoops with handles, clean inside ice machine, clean fountain drink nozzles/ ice dispenser.

Walmart Bakery @ 2500 Daniel McCall: 7 demerits for employees need to clean floor under shelves in walk in freezer, clean under prep tables, clean air vents, replace baseboards in walk in cooler, and the hand sink must be accessible.

Brookshire Brothers Grocery/Produce @ 1807 W. Frank: 4 demerits for expired food products.

Walmart Grocery/Produce @ 2500 Daniel McCall: 4 demerits for employees need to clean under produce shelves in walk in cooler.

Walmart Meat Market @ 2500 Daniel McCall: 0 demerits.

Brookshire Brothers Bakery @ 1807 W. Frank: 0 demerits.

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