Burn Notice: 155 acres near FM1733 in Houston County

HOUSTON CO., TX (KTRE) – Travelers and residents near the Davy Crockett National Forest will notice smoke and fire on Friday.

U-S Forest Service crews are conducting a prescribed burn in Compartment 35.  The area involved about 155 acres near Farm to Market 1733, and Houston County road 1090 in the Center Hill area northwest of Kennard.

They predict smoke will be traveling to the east-southeast, eventually crossing over Highway 7 near Ratcliff.  They advise motorists in that area to slow down and to be on the lookout.

They hope the controlled burn strategy will help curb dangerous wildfires like the ones which spread across East Texas last summer.  "You have to have 3 things to have a fire: fuel, oxygen, and heat. If you take away the fuel, you take away one of the legs of the triangle. And, you're not going to have a fire," noted Bobi Stiles, Fire Management officer.  "It's when it hits areas that have been previously burned that it really helps the most, so fuel loads are down."

You can expect the prescribed burns to continue in the forest daily for the next few months.

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