Nacogdoches Co. gearing up for elections now that date has been set

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Election officials are moving into high gear tonight after news that the Texas primary election is finalized.

After months of wrangling,  May 29th is now election day.

Election coordinators and party leaders are now scrambling to make it happen on time.

No one knows what Sam Houston would think about Election 2012, but today party leaders are relieved all the uncertainty has gone away.

"Very hard on all of us to not know what we were going to do and what precinct we were going to be in and how to prepare to getting someone to run," said Pattye Greer, co-chair of Nacogdoches Co. Republican Party.

For the first time political candidates know when they'll find out if this very long campaign season will pay off.

"As I've said to people running this race, it's hard to know when to run, how to run, whether you need to sprint or jog wen you don't know where the finish line is, so finally we've got a finish line, May 29th," said State Representative candidate Travis Clardy.

Party leaders and election administrators can now resume their election day modes.

" We really want to vote," said deputy voter registrar Lucy Rodriguez.

In about a week after a refiling period , there will be a mad rush to print ballots and voter registration cards.

Printing companies feel the pressure.

"They're not getting flooded probably with all the counties ready to do their mailings so I would say in the next couple of weeks you should get your voter registration card," said Midget Sherman, Angelina Co. Election Administrator.

When your voter cards arrive, be sure and hold onto your old card just in case.

"We let them know if they ave any questions always call us. We'll make sure to help them out," said deputy voter registrar Connie Brown.

While March 2nd will forever be special to Texans, this year it's being upstaged by the anticipation of May 29th.

"Well, this is a great thing that it has happened on this date that we now we're going to be able to vote because that states our freedom and our freedom to vote," said Greer.

If your information hasn't changed since the last election, you don't need to apply for a new voter registration card.

A new card will arrive in the mail.

First time voters and those who need to make changes have until April 30th to register.

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