Loyal customers say final goodbye to Lone Star Charlie's

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The famous old style diner on Loop 287 served its last meal Sunday night.

"Like cheers everybody knows your name," said customer Bubba Loggins.

"You can go a lot of places and get a meal but you can't get this at those other places," said customer Russel Mcentire.

It was the sense of community that brought people back to Lone Star Charlie's for nearly 30 years.

Now loyal customers are coming back to say their final goodbyes.

"This place is more than a restaurant this is a gathering place, a focal point for the community," said Mcentire.

The property is being seized under eminent domain, because TXDOT needs the land to build an overpass.

Owner Wade Jabbour says he never thought this day would come.

"I feel terrible, I feel terrible, its a sad day," said Jabbour.

Despite the sad nature of the day, regulars filled the restaurant to support a place and people they hold dear to their hearts.

 "When you come here its like being at home," said Mcentire.

"It has a little emotion to it but I hate to see them do it," said customer Elray Lee.

Elray Lee has been eating at Charlie's since it opened and its where he proposed to his wife Lisa 14 years ago.

"This is where we had a lot of our courtships, we came out here, I liked the food, I like the people, great atmosphere," said Lee.

Melva Clendon waited tables at Charlie's for 24 years and says the good hearted owners kept people coming back for more.

"I think the way everybody gets treated; I think all of them were treated good. They don't show partiality towards anybody, everybody is family to them," said Clendon.

Although the Jabbours are getting paid for land, no dollar amount can replace the memories made at Lone Star Charlie's  It will take about two to three weeks the clear out the restaurant. After that the Jabbours will start looking for a new location.

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