Pledge to Be Responsible Over Spring Break

by Jessica Cervantez

Spring break has arrived, which means many of you may be headed out of town. But with spring break comes potential dangers, including drunk driving.

That is why Stephen F. Austin State university is taking action to ensure that their students come back safely.

Many students on the SFA campus have pledged to be responsible during spring break. It's an effort to protect students from one of the biggest spring break dangers.

"This is one of the biggest party times of the year for most college students. And it's the time when most alcohol is consumed and people will be making road trips. We just want to voice the fact that alcohol and road trips don't need to go hand in hand," said Chris Phillips, who is the president of the Omega Delta Phi Fraternity.

"Once you sign your name to something, you really remember that in your mind and remember,'i signed a pledge,' people will follow what their name is," said Tabitha Mays, who made the pledge.

The Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, who put on the pledge drive, realize that people will be out drinking. But they're hoping that spring breakers will remember their pledge, and think twice.

"Every year over 1,400 students die from drinking and driving related incidents," said Phillips.

The fraternity threw a party of their own. There was dancing and pizza, but the focus was on preventing tragedy, and making students fully aware of the risks. Students even got a chance to take a look behind these glasses, to get a feel of how distorted their perception may be after they've been drinking.

"Everyone please be responsible over spring break. Do not drink and drive, if you drink, pass the keys," said Phillips.