Alcohol awareness groups educate students on alcohol safety before spring break

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Spring break is quickly approaching, and youngadults are getting ready to go all out.

The rate of drinking has gone down in the 18-25 age group but alcohol awarenessgroups are still warning college students to be careful.

TxDot and Texas AgriLife Extension have partnered together to educate SFAstudents on alcohol safety.

"We know that 90% of the drinkingthat does take place is from binge drinking," said Susan Wagener, ProgramAssistant AgriLife Extension, Statewide Alcohol Awareness.

Alcohol in excess has led to tragedy nationwide, killing over 100thousand people every year.

Susan Wagener experienced those consequences first hand, when her son Michaeldied on his 21st birthday from alcohol poisoning.

"I use what took place with himas education for others so that we don't have the same tragedy occurring," saidWagener.

Fatal vision goggles give students an idea ofhow alcohol affects their motor skills.

"The kind of drunk I've neverexperienced before. It gives a whole new perspective on how drunk a person canbe," said Jack McCann, SFA student.

The DWI simulator gives students anidea of what it's like to be under the influence while behind the wheel.

"There are some mechanisms built in ifyou are driving under impaired circumstances. Their reaction time and decisionmaking skills are somewhat effected," said Bobbi Brooks, Program ManagerAgriLife Extension, Statewide Alcohol Awareness.

Impaired drivers kill nearly 50 people a day and 18 thousand each year. The goal of new technology, counteracting the excessive drinking trend.

"Its about how much and how fast.Education is an important tool for them to make wise decisions," said Wagener.

Choices like monitoring how muchalcohol you consume and having a designated driver, could save a life thisspring break.

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