Angelina County Youth Fair Results

The participants' hard work paid off big at the Angelina County Youth Fair. The top money makers this year are:

Taylor Faircloth, Blue Ribbon 4-H           *Grand Champion Steer                          $6,600.00

Kylee Wright, Livestock 4-H                  *Grand Champion Hog                            $3,200.00

Justin Gauer, Blue Ribbon 4-H                *Grand Champion Comm. Heifers           $3,400.00

Keith Dailey, Lufkin FFA                        *Grand Champion Broilers                       $1,400.00

Jessi Jordan, Lufkin FFA                         *Grand Champion Rabbits                       $650.00

Kaley Bearden, Central FFA                   *Grand Champion Lamb                          $1,300.00

Taylor Faircloth, Blue Ribbon 4-H           *Grand Champion Goat                           $1,300.00

Jessica Foster, Livestock 4-H                  *Res. Champion Steer                             $3,000.00

Casey Boles, Hudson FFA                      *Res. Champion Hog                               $2,100.00

Hayden Ford, Central 4-H                       *Res. Champion Comm. Heifers              $1,350.00

Casey Fitzgerald, Lufkin FFA                  *Res. Champion Broilers                          $750.00

Sara Hutto, Hudson FFA                         *Res. Champion Rabbits                          $500.00

Ashley Bearden, Diboll 4-H                     *Res. Champion Lamb                             $1,500.00

Jentry Page, Blue Ribbon 4-H                  *Res. Champion Goat                              $1,450.00