Hudson man reunited with brother after 48 years

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - Brothers Michael Murphy and Preston Artman sit by the pool discussing their short childhood together.

The pair haven't seen each other in 48 years. And they've managed to fit a lifetime into a week.

"It was great," Artman said. "It was like I have a family."

Their biological mother's failed marriage with Artman's father landed them in different households.

"The years went by," Murphy said. "There wasn't a day go by that I think of him or wonder what he was doing or where he was at."

They didn't realize that a trip to Disneyland in 1964 would be the last time they saw each other.

Murphy started a new life in Texas while Artman served in the Army.

Letters from their mother fueled Artman to try and find his older brother in 1970.

"I started trying to piece the trail together to try and find him," Artman said. "The resources weren't there to do this so I said, 'Well I'll give it up to God.'"

In 1990, Murphy started his search with the phone book.

"Looked up his name and got his number but I didn't call," Murphy said.

It wasn't until 2011 Murphy's wife, Belinda, reached out to bring them together.

"The things that I was asking her, she could have only known through direct contact with Michael, my brother," Artman said.

Artman lives in southern California and came down to catch up with his brother for the first time almost five decades.

They toured Houston this past weekend and spent Monday out on ATVs with friends.

"We're just happy we got the time we got," Artman said. "I mean we can't turn the clock back."

Lack of technology delayed their reunion, but they say relatives now have no excuse.

"Go find them, its worth it," Artman said.

"It's never too late," Murphy said.

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