Teamwork not enough to save Cushing house from fire

CUSHING, TX (KTRE) - A Cushing man is without a home after a fire gutted his house Wednesday morning.

Chuck Perkins' house, located on the corner of 6th Street and FM 225, caught fire around 10 a.m., while he was visiting his mother in the nursing home.

While the house did not burn to the ground, the fire did gut the back side of it.

Several volunteer fire departments and the Nacogdoches fire department responded to the fire.

"Crews automatically went to work, stretched the line, knocked it down pretty quick," said Steven Arreguin, the Cushing VFD chief.

The fire happened right in town. A true advantage for volunteers close by.

"Our city employees here are all on the volunteer fire department and they're very instrumental in our response time," said Toby Self of Cushing VFD.

Elvert Johnson is one of those city workers. He helps keep things running in between fires.

"I drive a grass truck, something like that if one comes in," Johnson said. "All we do is maintain the trucks and keep them all up and everything else."

No matter how fast the response firefighters are up against strenuous obstacles.

Heavy smoke caused firefighters to go through numerous air tanks.

"The first unit that gets here calls command and he's in charge and he delegates what needs to be done and keeps an eye on everything, makes sure the incident runs smooth," Arreguin said.

"Well this was my parents home when I was in high school and it's the last home my mother ever lived in before she went into a nursing home," Perkins said.

A loss of a home is an emotional blow, but knowing the blaze on this windy day didn't spread to nearby homes and everyone did their job as expected, helped make the battle a victory for the firefighters.

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