ETX first graders raise money for zoo tiger cam

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A pack of 60 first grade tigers gathered at the Ellen Trout Zoo after raising four thousand dollars for a web cam at the tiger exhibit.

"Since Dunbar's mascot is a tiger, we wanted to tie that in with our tigers here at the zoo. It seemed like a good match," Charlotte Henley, Director of Educational Services, Ellen Trout Zoo.

The first grade PACE classes at Dunbar Primary have been raising money for the tigercam since 2006, and last may finally reached their goal.

"The zoo and the I-T department for the city of Lufkin has been working to get the camera put up for the last couple of months," said Kellye Marshall, 1st grade PACE teacher, Dunbar Primary.

To fund the camera, students sold tattoos at football games, hosted movie nights at the zoo and even got to bend the rules on their dress code.

"Once every nine weeks the kids do shoes off for the tiger and they pay a dollar and get to have their shoes off at school," said Marshall.

The web cam will serve as a teaching tool, giving students, access to the tigers all the time.

"We can talk about the different behaviors, we can talk about natural history, we can talk about the fact that tigers are endangered," said Henley.

First grade teacher Kellye Marshall says the kids were excited to help the zoo because of all the learning experiences they have while they're here.

"The kids really like to come to the zoo, We also come here to do our math, science and engineering lessons once a month," said Marshall.'

"Its just spectacular to get to have this opportunity to continue to work with and interact with these students," said Henley,

With the help of technology students will have access to the zoo, right in their classroom.

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