Jack of the week - Jereal Scott

Senior Jereal Scott was named to all-conference honors for a second season in a row this week. But heading into the all important Southland Conference tournament Scott said no award could top a title.

"If we get that post season title and make it to the tournament that would be like our ultimate goal," said Scott. "That goes past all the awards, that is all that matters right now."

Scott is the Lumberjacks leading scorer but more importantly he is the only player who remains from the last SFA team to go to the NCAA tournament. Coach Kaspar hopes that he can help the younger players during this time of the year.

"I'm hoping he can help us get the rest of these young players some idea of what this is all about," said Kaspar. "I told him it is your time to lead."

Scott says he wants to win the title so he can have a shot at playing against the bigger programs around the country.

"Playing with the UConn's, the Texas', the North Carolina's and the Duke's would just be like a dream come true," said Scott. "So it will be really fun to see what it is like."

Jereal Scott is your 'Jack of the week.

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