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Freedom Fighters: The Gray brothers


By: Joan Hallmark 

The three Gray brothers of Henderson, Charles, Jack, and Delbert, all served in World War II and survived to tell their stories.

Jack joined the Army in 1942 and was a platoon leader when he hit the Normandy Beach on June 6,1944. He went on to fight in the Battle of the Bulge and was within miles of Berlin when he was stopped so the Russian troops could capture the city.

Jack's brother Delbert was assigned to a ground communications unit in England, except for one special mission on the front lines to establish a radio beam,  The beam helped to distinguish the line between allied and enemy troops to cut down on "friendly fire" casualties.

Jack and Delbert both returned to Henderson after the war without injury.  Ironically their brother Charles, who had been trained as a fighter pilot, was injured in a training accident early in the war and was then assigned to train bomber pilots.

Jack Gray is now 91, Delbert is 88.  Charles died at the age of 89.  Three brothers who served our country and lived long lives to enjoy the fruits of their victory.

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