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Lufkin non profit promotes awareness of underage drinking in time for spring break


With spring break already here, many students may traveling or getting together with friends.

The Coalition, a non-profit organization in Lufkin, says this is high time for heavy drinking to take place amongst underage drinkers.

It's called Project Sticker Shocker, and they want to make sure they get your attention.

"One of the things that the sticker shock campaign does is it kind of brings attention to the fact that it's illegal for youth to sell alcohol to youth so then youths end up getting their alcohol from an adult," said Janet Taylor, Executive Director of the Coalition.

Taylor says now is the time to address the problem.

"We have spring break, we have prom, we have graduation- which are heavy drinking times for underage youths," she said.

Taylor says according to a drug survey The Coalition conducts every two years, many underage drinkers get their alcohol from older siblings or friends and in some cases, even parents.

"They want their kids to be popular you know accepted in the popular group," said Taylor.

Taylor says there's no excuse for parent's to provide alcohol for their children.

Especially when drinking and driving isn't the only problem that could arise from underage drinking.

"They could have unprotected sex, they can have fights, they can have alcohol poisoning, I mean there's all sorts of repercussions from that," said Taylor.

Taylor says it's all about adults setting a good example for teens in the community.

The TAB encourages students to look out for one another this spring break.

They say if they suspect a friend of theirs might be suffering from alcohol poisoning to call 911.

The 9-1-1 Lifeline Legislation was passed last September in Texas, and provides immunity to young people who call for help.

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