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Could East Texans put an end to this fashion trend?


Tuesday in Longview, a Christian's men's group came together to

The Longview Community Men's Group met at the Longview Public Library to discuss this one trend that does not seem to fade. 

Some cities have put an end to sagging by passing an indecency ordinance. Now, wearing your pants below the waistline can carry a hefty fine or a jail sentence. 

This controversial issue has raised concerns amongst the Longview Men's Community Group who tell us sagging is much more than a fad.
"You have the young men who might not understand where it comes from, what it stands for, and how it looks," member James Taylor explained. 

Pastor Taylor said sagging originated in prison, and like the other members in the group, he agrees that it sends out a negative message.

"It is a cross-cultural issue that needs to be addressed, hopefully stopped or at least slowed down," member Branden Johnson told us. 

Everyone agreed that sagging was a problem, but the next question was how to approach such a controversial issue.

"Some people will make their decision to move further with maybe getting an ordinance passed. Also, we have people who want to be active and go out into the streets when they see someone and effectively communicate with a young person, so that they're able to understand what it means to actually means to look and present yourself in a decent and orderly way," Johnson explained.
The overall consensus was to lead by example, something this group thinks should happen before moving forward with an ordinance.

We want to know what you think. Should an ordinance be passed to prevent sagging, or do you think the idea is unconstitutional; ridiculous even?

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