ETX lake goers enjoy the benefits of heavy rainfall

ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE) - After a weekend of heavy rainfall,lake goers are reaping the benefits this spring break.

"It's a lot morefun fishing with the water in the lake," said John Hamilton, local fisherman.

Families, friends and even petsgathered at lake Sam Rayburn, eager to get out on the water. Lasting effects of the drought once madenavigating the waters a challenge.

"Its just real hard to get around, youreally had to know where you were going and there is a lot of stumps to hit outthere. So you had to be really careful about where you're going," saidHamilton.

In January Lake Sam Rayburn sat 13-and-halffeet below its normal level but two months later conditions have improved.

"Probably at about five foot low nowwhich is great a lot better than last year we were at an eight foot low," saidLynn Atkinson, fishing guide.

Rainfall this past weekend raised thelake levels about two feet and consistent rainfall will raise it even more.

Local angler John Hamilton got out onthe lake around sunrise and says he can already feel a difference.

"More water there is on the lake theeasier it is to run around," said Hamilton.

Fishing guide Lynn Atkinson says theheavy rainfall is nice but fish need a consistent pattern.

"Its stable is when the fishinggets the best, when it stabilizes."

But ultimatelyeverybody wins.

"Just more healthy for thefishery plus you get more people out on the lake," said Hamilton.

"Its good to see the lake comeup, everybody's excited about this lake getting back up to where it belongs,"said Atkinson.

With help from some consistentrainfall local anglers hope it stays there.

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