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Gift of Love: William

13-year-old William is in heaven as he looks at all the different types of remote controlled cars.
cars are William's favorite thing to talk about. 

"How they look. My favorite is a Lamborgini Borgatti," William said.

But he says for his first car, he'd like a Camero just like the yellow car in one of his favorite movies.

"Like the Transformer, Bumblebee," William said.

William likes all kinds of movies, including action, comedy and scary movies.  When it comes to school, William likes his creative classes best.
"I like doing arts and crafts and making stuff," William said.

He also likes social studies, but math not so much. William receives some special assistance in English and reading. 

As for his future, William says he's not 100% sure but he has thought about it. 

"I've always thought about being in the Marines or Army or something like help the country and stuff," William said

When he's not at school, William likes to be outside playing with friends and being active.  

"I like riding my bike," William said.

He also likes fixing up bikes.  But that's not all.

"I love to fish," William said.

As for his forever family, William would love brothers and sisters. He also has a brother he hopes to stay in contact with through visits and phone calls. 

William looks forward to doing family things like family outings to Chuck E. Cheese and playing outside. But more importantly, William hopes to find a family that will show William the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about William call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.


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