Road that collapsed during Sunday’s heavy rainfall should be repaired by Friday

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - In the span of a weekendEast Texas saw more rainfall than it would normally see in a single month. Mostroads have recovered from the heavy rainfall but one is still under repair.

"We need to get it open as soonas possible, to give them access the way they were used to coming and going,"said  Ronnie Lee, Road-bridge foreman,Precinct 1.

While some areas were desperate for rainfall,south Homer Alto Rd. could have fared better with a little less.

"It was just overwhelmed with waterand it washed out under it," said Rick Harrison, Angelina County CommissionerPrecinct 1.

Road crews were out bright and early Wednesdaymorning, making preparations to rebuild the ruined road.

"Taking the old culvert out,removing some of the damaged head wall that was around it and fill in materialwhere the road was washed away," said Lee.

The nine man crew expects the new eight inchculvert to be in Thursday morning. Once its put into place they will fill thehole with concrete and top it off with asphalt.

Foreman Ronnie Lee says the road couldbe finished as early as Friday.

"Its putting the residence uphere at a disadvantage," said Lee.

Because the road is blocked, residentsare forced to go an alternate route which could be more problematic.

"If we have any more rain thedirt road they are having to go through is muddy and I'm sure it takes themlonger to get out where they're needing to go," said Lee.

Collapsed roads are something officials sayhappen over time, their main concern is making repairs in a timely manner.

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