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Senior Circle luncheon dispels popular myths surrounding diabetes


Nearly 26 million childrenand adults in America are living with diabetes.

The disease is taking adevastating physical and emotional toll on our country.

Wednesday, Woodland Heights Medical Centerfocused on educating its Senior Circle on the myths surrounding diabetes.

 Doris Weatherford has been a nurse at WoodlandHeights for 35 years. Her presentation cleared up a few misconceptions.

"Such myths as diabeticsdon't need to exercise or diabetics can't eat sweets or only a certain type ofdiabetics can take insulin. Today all of those myths were discussed sohopefully people will leave with a better understanding of diabetes and thedo's and don'ts that are required," said Christie Maddux, MarketingRepresentative, Woodland Heights.

Although diabetes isn'tcurable, it is preventable through healthy diet and consistent exercise.

Early diagnosis is critical to avoidcomplications such as heart disease, blindness, kidney disease, stroke andamputation.

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