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Lufkin woman homeless after Sunday flooding

By Ian Smith

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas resident says her home is now damp, stinky and just plain unlivable after last weekends rain.

The resident says her home was flooded with more than six inches of water and she called the American Red Cross her help. But, the response she received, she says, wasn't what she was hoping for.

First of all the mold as you can see on the ground. The doors doesn't shut. The closets doors are off, dirty is stinks.

Ladrena Reed says on Sunday overflow from a drainage ditch sent a wall of water rushing through the home she shares with her son, sister and nephew.

"All the sudden the water started coming through the walls and the front door," Reed said.

Reed says the water was so intense in her home that it lifted the door off of the closet.

"It came on so quick we weren't able to save anything," Reed said.

So she called the Red Cross for help.

"The volunteer came out, he walked through and told me it was livable," Reed said.

And she says what he offered her came as a shock.

"Said that he could offer me a clean-up kit which consisted of a mop," Reed said. "I told him I already had a mop. Well, he made sure that-he said "well, now you have two," and he gave a little laugh to it. And, that's all he did.

"Red Cross helps with immediate needs," Glenna Harkness said. "And, that's what Red Cross deemed to be for immediate needs for the time."

But the organization does understand Reed's frustration.

"Red Cross realizes that she did have damage," Harkness said. "We realize that and we understand her frustration. Unfortunately a flood is just a hard-type situation. I mean, we don't replace carpet and things like that."

Reed told us that she doesn't have flood insurance and just wanted help with a hotel room for a night. For now, she is temporarily living in another house in the area.

"I gotta do what I got to do," Reed said. "And, keep a smile on my face."

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